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Technology in the Classroom

advance tech

Technology is a part of almost every one’s life and plays a part in many aspects of the cultural environment, affecting areas such as work, play, and education.

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Advance technology helps students learn more.

Schools for example, not only need to utilize various technological devices as learning tools, but also provide students with appropriate resources for learning. However, for some schools, implementing more recent advances in technology is difficult for various reasons including lack of funds, limited availability of resources, and lack of experience. In addition, questions remain regarding to what extent, if any, should mobile devices in the classroom. They can be disruptive for teachers and other students, especially if students are more interested in their mobile device than what is happening in the classroom. Furthermore, not all students have the latest or compatible mobile devices, which could cause some students to be at a disadvantage. However, if financially possible, one solution would be for schools to provide tablets or laptops for all students in the classroom. If a school has limited resources, they may want to look into receiving a grant or asking the community for a fund drive.

Several advantages exist for including technology in the classroom. Because of the widespread use of devices such as mobile phones and the internet, most students are actively involved in different media which often becomes an immense part of their life. Schools can use this relationship with technology to further engage students in learning and even communicating properly with peers or teachers. New technology, such as virtual reality, also can be used by teachers to help students better understand various topics from a new perspective.

Teachers also have a responsibility to act as a role model for students and inform students how to conduct themselves properly not only in person, but also when using social media.

teacher using advance technology

Various technological devices as learning tools, but also provide students with appropriate resources for learning.

Technology has significantly affected most people’s lives, including students. How to best incorporate this into teaching and helping students of all ages and at all levels can be challenging but also rewarding.