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Future Car Technology

self driving

Although the last 100 years have been characterized by digital advancements, the manner in which we travel to work has stayed reasonably unchanged. Swap a Ford T Model for a Civic Honda – and dirt, narrow roads for congested, paved highways – and the process remains the same: go inside, insert the ignition key, and drive to your desired destination.


Ford T Model

A recent UPS report on transport trends, called Future Routes, which was commissioned by The Future Institute, said that by 2026, we will probably live in a world with vehicles that are cleverer, more versatile and connected better than ever before. Also, in contrast to the cliched “man versus machine” plots of scifi books and films, human beings and clever vehicles will work together in harmony.

Real estate agents, town planners, social service providers and police officers have reason to be excited. Information about travel times, routes and trends (stored in the cloud then combined with information about other drivers) will greatly help these professionals plan bridges, manage the flow of traffic and find new developments.

Nonetheless, the question is, how will these advanced vehicles and roads appear, and will companies and mechanics be able to adapt? This is a taster of the report’s main factors involved in this process.

At the moment, we have vehicles that can alert drivers if they breach lane dividers and provide parking assistance. Future Routes says that, by 2024, vehicles will have the ability to drive themselves.


automated cars

Human beings and clever vehicles will work together in harmony, this makes the experience of driving safer.

The report goes on to say that driverless vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents, because human error is eliminated. This makes the experience of driving safer. Once driverless vehicles can safely travel close to each other at high speed, motorways could shrink in size.

Moreover, with lower injury risks, vehicles can become lighter, smaller and more energy efficient.

Trends In Future Technology

Although the future can never really be guaranteed, it is possible to predict some of our future technology to some extent, as companies announce new products and innovations almost daily.

The following are some of the new technologies that we predict will be popular and widely used:

Space Tourism

If you have about $75,000 to spare, you can already book a seat on a commercial flight into the stratosphere, although it wasn’t so long ago that space travel for the masses seemed like a futuristic vision. The once in a lifetime trip is through World View Enterprises, who will take you 100,000 feet to the edge of space in a giant helium filled balloon.

Connected Glass

Transparent glass with the ability to display the same content that you look at on your computer screen is now a reality. Imagine being able to surf the web or watch a movie on Netflix on the surface of your clear glass coffee table, or look at a relaxing seascape or picture of a forest on your large glass living room window.

Photo Credit: BBC

Embeddable Technology – technology that is literally embedded under the skin

Embeddable Technology

Technology that is literally embedded under the skin allows information to be obtained from your vital signs much more effectively than simply attaching it to you. The length and quality of your sleep, cholesterol levels, heart rate and oxygen levels can all be tracked and measured via an app on your smart device that connects to a cloud storage system. And medical services can also be alerted to your location with this new embeddable technology.

Robotic Sports

You may not have heard of automated soccer robots, but they are being developed by the University of NSW in Australia, and their team of robotic players has won the RoboCup tournament twice. Successfully playing against human players and winning the World Cup during the next 30 years is the goal of the university.


Amazon deliveries by drone is just one of the ways in which drone technology has moved forward, and with faster Internet connectivity becoming a reality, more on demand drone services are likely to be offered. As more drones fill the skies above us, you may see the introduction of a dronosphere to ensure safe drone flying – a level that is higher than that used by kites and parasailers, but lower than that used by airplanes.

Virtual Changing Rooms

If you like to shop for clothes but just don’t have the time to try on all those new outfits, you may like the idea of virtual changing rooms, another trend in future technology that is bound to be popular. The technique allows you to use software on your phone to actually see instantly what you would look like in a new outfit, whether it’s one you saw in your local boutique or something that caught your eye while browsing online. This technology also allows you to compare prices between different stores and ensure you get the best deal, as well as helping you to make sure you actually look good in the outfit.