Technology in the Classroom

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Technology is a part of almost every one’s life and plays a part in many aspects of the cultural environment, affecting areas such as work, play, and education.

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Advance technology helps students learn more.

Schools for example, not only need to utilize various technological devices as learning tools, but also provide students with appropriate resources for learning. However, for some schools, implementing more recent advances in technology is difficult for various reasons including lack of funds, limited availability of resources, and lack of experience. In addition, questions remain regarding to what extent, if any, should mobile devices in the classroom. They can be disruptive for teachers and other students, especially if students are more interested in their mobile device than what is happening in the classroom. Furthermore, not all students have the latest or compatible mobile devices, which could cause some students to be at a disadvantage. However, if financially possible, one solution would be for schools to provide tablets or laptops for all students in the classroom. If a school has limited resources, they may want to look into receiving a grant or asking the community for a fund drive.

Several advantages exist for including technology in the classroom. Because of the widespread use of devices such as mobile phones and the internet, most students are actively involved in different media which often becomes an immense part of their life. Schools can use this relationship with technology to further engage students in learning and even communicating properly with peers or teachers. New technology, such as virtual reality, also can be used by teachers to help students better understand various topics from a new perspective.

Teachers also have a responsibility to act as a role model for students and inform students how to conduct themselves properly not only in person, but also when using social media.

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Various technological devices as learning tools, but also provide students with appropriate resources for learning.

Technology has significantly affected most people’s lives, including students. How to best incorporate this into teaching and helping students of all ages and at all levels can be challenging but also rewarding.

ROVs Camera System

underwater camera

There are a variety of underwater vehicle or ROV camera systems and the one you use will depend on the specific application you need it for. Some systems are great for high contrast and low light while others are ideal for high resolution recording and documentation. Other factors that come into play are also the conditions under which the ROV and video system are operating and the electrical resources of the vessel.

The location of your camera as well as how it moves is critical for capturing good video. You should have a full field of view, clear working area for the camera, overlapping views with other cameras, and the ability to look behind the ROVs. Ideally, the operator will need a live feed to a television so they can determine where the camera is pointing.gopro

The latest ROV systems are capable of carrying about 10 television cameras at one time. This allows the operator to manipulate 5 or more at one time. Advancements in fiber-optic technology allows operators to transmit video data from multiple cameras to one monitor.

Many operators have begun using closed circuit systems which allows them to see real time feedback on what they are viewing. This is crucial for operators to work more efficiently out in the field. Frame freezing or grabbing technology allows operators to capture hard copies of a video image for closer examination.

No matter what camera system you are leveraging today, having the right equipment is essential for efficient underwater video work. Other factors such as fuel, weather, man power, and monetary resources all play a crucial role in how effective a video system is or is not. Advanced designs in video components and technology allow divers, boat operators, scientists, and amateur explorers the freedom to film at great depths without sacrificing time or safety.

Apple’s Hidden Job Ad – Accidentally found!

Apple's Hidden Job Ad

Accidentally, someone found Apple’s ‘hidden’ job ad.

Apple's Hidden Job Ad

Zack Whittaker, a cyber-security reporter, accidentally found the ad while he was looking at something pertaining to iPhone apps.

The job advertisement for an engineer was hidden among other ads on the company’s website.

The ad starts out with a cute intro telling the job applicant that he or she has successfully found the ad. The ad goes on to say that Apple wants to hire an engineer that can help to build a very important and needed infrastructure component.

However, the ad is no longer visible. Either it has found an even deeper hiding place or it has been completely removed from the website.

Zack Whittaker, a cyber-security reporter, accidentally found the ad while he was looking at something pertaining to iPhone apps. He was not looking for a new job. He says that it was linked to a URL that he was searching. The web address was “” That particular link now shows as an error message. The Apple series of servers is called Blobstore. The BBC contacted Apple about this matter.

Whittaker said he was glad that he accidentally found this job advertisement. He thought that Apple’s approach to announcing job availability was very innovative and interesting.

What qualifications did Apple’s ‘hidden’ job ad ask for? The job applicant has to have experience with modern server technology and distributed systems. Whittaker joked that Apple was not looking to hire him anytime soon.

Why was this job ad hidden? Is Apple the only company that uses this form of recruitment? Actually, companies have recruited applicants in this manner for a very long time. For instance, during WWII, code breaking company Bletchley used newspaper puzzles to recruit new employees.

Most recently, in 2015, British company Dyson created four challenges and put them in a YouTube video. In 2015, GCHQ used graffiti and quizzes to gain new employees.

Max Rosett, a former engineer with Google, wrote an article about how he found a hidden job while searching online. He wanted to make a job change and searched for different programming terms. During one particular search, a box came up in the search results that asked him if he was ready to take on a challenge. He had to solve a lot of online problems, but Google ended up hiring him in the end.

According to Professor Alan Woodward from Surrey University, an engineer has to know how to solve problems. This is especially important if you want to be a cyber-security specialist, and solving puzzles is a great skill to have.