4 Reasons The Use Of Home Elevators Have Increased In Popularity

Since the invention of elevators, these mobilization aids have been primarily used in commercial buildings and, occasionally in the homes of those who can afford them. However, nowadays, there are more buyers – from families with young kids to those who live with permanent or temporary disabilities – who are now opting for a platform that is able to move people and items from one level of a home to another. With this new change and the cost of elevators dropping, the idea of installing one in your home is now no longer limited to a select few….

Reasons Why Home Elevators Have Gained Steam

Home Elevators Increase Your Property Value

For most homebuyers, the thought of a pre-installed elevator can be a deciding factor. However, adding an elevator to your house will only add to its appraisal value and possibly raise the resale price of your home. A home elevator will also help you to appeal to a larger array of buyers who may find themselves interested in your residence.


Residential elevators are now becoming way more affordable and much more popular than years past. Thus, many Canadians are installing elevators into their home as an investment, becoming the only home on the street with an elevator.

Increased Mobility and Safety

Stairs are responsible for innumerable accidents in homes across North America each and every year. Indeed, with the installation of home elevators, these numbers could be decreased, helping those with mobility issues reach areas in their home safely.

Allows People to Stay Independent

Getting older is not a bad thing. It means that people are living longer, healthier lives. However, growing older can mean needing a little extra help to achieve independence. An elevator can help these individuals to maintain independence as they age.

Elevators in the home make a great addition to any family. With so many perks, it is plain to see why the increase in use of home elevators have gone up so drastically. They are a perfect way to not only make your house go up in demand and value… but also a wonderful way to stay safe in old age.

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