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Future Car Technology

self driving

Although the last 100 years have been characterized by digital advancements, the manner in which we travel to work has stayed reasonably unchanged. Swap a Ford T Model for a Civic Honda – and dirt, narrow roads for congested, paved highways – and the process remains the same: go inside, insert the ignition key, and drive to your desired destination.


Ford T Model

A recent UPS report on transport trends, called Future Routes, which was commissioned by The Future Institute, said that by 2026, we will probably live in a world with vehicles that are cleverer, more versatile and connected better than ever before. Also, in contrast to the cliched “man versus machine” plots of scifi books and films, human beings and clever vehicles will work together in harmony.

Real estate agents, town planners, social service providers and police officers have reason to be excited. Information about travel times, routes and trends (stored in the cloud then combined with information about other drivers) will greatly help these professionals plan bridges, manage the flow of traffic and find new developments.

Nonetheless, the question is, how will these advanced vehicles and roads appear, and will companies and mechanics be able to adapt? This is a taster of the report’s main factors involved in this process.

At the moment, we have vehicles that can alert drivers if they breach lane dividers and provide parking assistance. Future Routes says that, by 2024, vehicles will have the ability to drive themselves.


automated cars

Human beings and clever vehicles will work together in harmony, this makes the experience of driving safer.

The report goes on to say that driverless vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents, because human error is eliminated. This makes the experience of driving safer. Once driverless vehicles can safely travel close to each other at high speed, motorways could shrink in size.

Moreover, with lower injury risks, vehicles can become lighter, smaller and more energy efficient.

Technology in the Classroom

advance tech

Technology is a part of almost every one’s life and plays a part in many aspects of the cultural environment, affecting areas such as work, play, and education.

using technology

Advance technology helps students learn more.

Schools for example, not only need to utilize various technological devices as learning tools, but also provide students with appropriate resources for learning. However, for some schools, implementing more recent advances in technology is difficult for various reasons including lack of funds, limited availability of resources, and lack of experience. In addition, questions remain regarding to what extent, if any, should mobile devices in the classroom. They can be disruptive for teachers and other students, especially if students are more interested in their mobile device than what is happening in the classroom. Furthermore, not all students have the latest or compatible mobile devices, which could cause some students to be at a disadvantage. However, if financially possible, one solution would be for schools to provide tablets or laptops for all students in the classroom. If a school has limited resources, they may want to look into receiving a grant or asking the community for a fund drive.

Several advantages exist for including technology in the classroom. Because of the widespread use of devices such as mobile phones and the internet, most students are actively involved in different media which often becomes an immense part of their life. Schools can use this relationship with technology to further engage students in learning and even communicating properly with peers or teachers. New technology, such as virtual reality, also can be used by teachers to help students better understand various topics from a new perspective.

Teachers also have a responsibility to act as a role model for students and inform students how to conduct themselves properly not only in person, but also when using social media.

teacher using advance technology

Various technological devices as learning tools, but also provide students with appropriate resources for learning.

Technology has significantly affected most people’s lives, including students. How to best incorporate this into teaching and helping students of all ages and at all levels can be challenging but also rewarding.

ROVs Camera System

underwater camera

There are a variety of underwater vehicle or ROV camera systems and the one you use will depend on the specific application you need it for. Some systems are great for high contrast and low light while others are ideal for high resolution recording and documentation. Other factors that come into play are also the conditions under which the ROV and video system are operating and the electrical resources of the vessel.

The location of your camera as well as how it moves is critical for capturing good video. You should have a full field of view, clear working area for the camera, overlapping views with other cameras, and the ability to look behind the ROVs. Ideally, the operator will need a live feed to a television so they can determine where the camera is pointing.gopro

The latest ROV systems are capable of carrying about 10 television cameras at one time. This allows the operator to manipulate 5 or more at one time. Advancements in fiber-optic technology allows operators to transmit video data from multiple cameras to one monitor.

Many operators have begun using closed circuit systems which allows them to see real time feedback on what they are viewing. This is crucial for operators to work more efficiently out in the field. Frame freezing or grabbing technology allows operators to capture hard copies of a video image for closer examination.

No matter what camera system you are leveraging today, having the right equipment is essential for efficient underwater video work. Other factors such as fuel, weather, man power, and monetary resources all play a crucial role in how effective a video system is or is not. Advanced designs in video components and technology allow divers, boat operators, scientists, and amateur explorers the freedom to film at great depths without sacrificing time or safety.

Benefits Of In Home Elevator

in house elevator

Sometimes homeowners choose to install in home elevators. There are many reasons to install residential lifts in Sydney and they can offer lots of benefits.

The installation of in home elevators can increase the property value of a home. It can also be a great luxury while making your home more accessible, especially if you have several floors. It can be nice to have this service if you have a handicapped family member or friend who cannot use the stairs. Some homeowners find this is a great option when there are aging seniors in the home, too. There are many residential lift options to choose from. You want to make sure that you choose in home elevators that meet your needs and that also meet the regulations in Sydney so that you’re not breaking any laws.

You may want to make life easier for you and your family by installing an in home elevator. Choosing a model will depend on your budget and the size details. Luckily, you’ll have many options to choose from. There are more traditional lifts which use cables to work properly and there are also vacuum lifts, which do not use cables to work properly. Choosing a professional to handle the install is recommended so that all is perfect.You also want to hire a pro so that you can ensure it’s safe to install a lift in your home such as West coast elevators who can also add style to your in home elevators.

multiple storey house

Adding in home elevator have many benefits.

Here are some benefits to installing in home elevators in Sydney:

Increase the Value of Your Home

This project is a worthwhile investment because it can increase your home’s value. Many homeowners want to add value and also consider the need for a lift in future years, when mobility may be an issue. If you ever choose to sell your home, it may sell at a higher price point due to your lift.

Add Functionality

Having a lift is a great way to add functionality to your home. It can make it easier to move people and heavy goods to higher levels of your home. It can also make life easier for those who have challenges with mobility.

Consider adding an in home elevator to your home so you can see the many benefits.

4 Reasons The Use Of Home Elevators Have Increased In Popularity

Since the invention of elevators, these mobilization aids have been primarily used in commercial buildings and, occasionally in the homes of those who can afford them. However, nowadays, there are more buyers – from families with young kids to those who live with permanent or temporary disabilities – who are now opting for a platform that is able to move people and items from one level of a home to another. With this new change and the cost of elevators dropping, the idea of installing one in your home is now no longer limited to a select few….

Reasons Why Home Elevators Have Gained Steam

Home Elevators Increase Your Property Value

For most homebuyers, the thought of a pre-installed elevator can be a deciding factor. However, adding an elevator to your house will only add to its appraisal value and possibly raise the resale price of your home. A home elevator will also help you to appeal to a larger array of buyers who may find themselves interested in your residence.


Residential elevators are now becoming way more affordable and much more popular than years past. Thus, many Canadians are installing elevators into their home as an investment, becoming the only home on the street with an elevator.

Increased Mobility and Safety

Stairs are responsible for innumerable accidents in homes across North America each and every year. Indeed, with the installation of home elevators, these numbers could be decreased, helping those with mobility issues reach areas in their home safely.

Allows People to Stay Independent

Getting older is not a bad thing. It means that people are living longer, healthier lives. However, growing older can mean needing a little extra help to achieve independence. An elevator can help these individuals to maintain independence as they age.

Elevators in the home make a great addition to any family. With so many perks, it is plain to see why the increase in use of home elevators have gone up so drastically. They are a perfect way to not only make your house go up in demand and value… but also a wonderful way to stay safe in old age.

A Comprehensive Intro To 3D Rendering

3D Rendering

What is 3D rendering?

In the computer graphics development cycle, 3D rendering refers to the process of translating a 3D scene from a mathematical approximation to a finalized 2D image using a 3D software package’s render engine. Examples of rendering software with in-built render engine include Mental Ray or V-Ray.

Some of the important factors to consider when creating a 3D scene from the surface of an object include the lightning, textual and spatial information of the flattened (2D) object. Depending on the speed at which a 3D software package computes and finalizes images, 3D rendering can be either real-time rendering or offline/pre-rendering. Both types of rendering use various rendering techniques including scanline/rasterization, radiosity and raytracing.

Why it is important?

3D rendering helps to create stunning photorealistic images and such image are becoming increasingly important in industries such as the architectural industry, as more and more clients demand for photorealistic architectural renderings. Some of the benefits of 3D rendering to an architectural project include:

Effective communication – For an architectural project to be successful, the clients and the architect involved need to communicate effectively. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to express architectural concepts and ideas, especially without a good architectural model. Fortunately, 3D rendering can help solve this problem.

3D Rendering

For an architectural project to be successful, the clients and the architect involved need to communicate effectively.

In particular, the architect can use a 3D model to communicate vital project details to the client, such as the project’s features and construction materials, before embarking on the project. This means that a 3D model would enable the client to see and resolve any discrepancies or make changes before construction starts.

Time and resources – Because a 3D model allows an architect and other construction experts to view a project from all angles, it makes it possible to identify and rectify design flaws (if any) before it is too late. This means that 3D rendering could potentially save both time and resources.

Effective marketing tool – A 3D model is one of the most effective methods an architect can use to showcase his/her skills to prospective clients. Similarly, real estate developers can use 3D renderings to pitch property development projects to potential investors.

Benefits of 3D Rendering in Property Development

Today, 3D rendering is an important element of property development. Some of the benefits of 3D rendering this space include:

Building development approval — All building in Australia must company with the Building Code of Australia and other building laws. For this reason, property investors who wish to construct buildings in Australia must obtain the necessary building permits from the local authorities. Fortunately, a 3D model can improve your chances of getting the necessary building approval.

Better than a blueprint — A blueprint can be difficult to read and interpret, especially if you lack the necessary technical knowledge. In contrast, a 3D model is easy to interpret, which makes it easier to notice mistakes and correct them.


3D rendering is basically a computer-aided process of creating three dimensional models from two dimensional objects. 3D models help to achieve spectacular photo-realism, which is important in various industries including the property development and architectural industries.

“CADDS Rendering, a local team based in Perth, know how to create the most accurate representation of your project first time round. For more information about 3D Rendering, simply email us, phone us, or swing by our office at the Bibra Lake Commercial Park. Tell us your ideas, and we’ll transform them into breathtaking renders or animations that help you and your clients visualise the future. And as part of the CADDS Group, we deliver the very best cost efficiencies.”

Trends In Future Technology

Although the future can never really be guaranteed, it is possible to predict some of our future technology to some extent, as companies announce new products and innovations almost daily.

The following are some of the new technologies that we predict will be popular and widely used:

Space Tourism

If you have about $75,000 to spare, you can already book a seat on a commercial flight into the stratosphere, although it wasn’t so long ago that space travel for the masses seemed like a futuristic vision. The once in a lifetime trip is through World View Enterprises, who will take you 100,000 feet to the edge of space in a giant helium filled balloon.

Connected Glass

Transparent glass with the ability to display the same content that you look at on your computer screen is now a reality. Imagine being able to surf the web or watch a movie on Netflix on the surface of your clear glass coffee table, or look at a relaxing seascape or picture of a forest on your large glass living room window.

Photo Credit: BBC

Embeddable Technology – technology that is literally embedded under the skin

Embeddable Technology

Technology that is literally embedded under the skin allows information to be obtained from your vital signs much more effectively than simply attaching it to you. The length and quality of your sleep, cholesterol levels, heart rate and oxygen levels can all be tracked and measured via an app on your smart device that connects to a cloud storage system. And medical services can also be alerted to your location with this new embeddable technology.

Robotic Sports

You may not have heard of automated soccer robots, but they are being developed by the University of NSW in Australia, and their team of robotic players has won the RoboCup tournament twice. Successfully playing against human players and winning the World Cup during the next 30 years is the goal of the university.


Amazon deliveries by drone is just one of the ways in which drone technology has moved forward, and with faster Internet connectivity becoming a reality, more on demand drone services are likely to be offered. As more drones fill the skies above us, you may see the introduction of a dronosphere to ensure safe drone flying – a level that is higher than that used by kites and parasailers, but lower than that used by airplanes.

Virtual Changing Rooms

If you like to shop for clothes but just don’t have the time to try on all those new outfits, you may like the idea of virtual changing rooms, another trend in future technology that is bound to be popular. The technique allows you to use software on your phone to actually see instantly what you would look like in a new outfit, whether it’s one you saw in your local boutique or something that caught your eye while browsing online. This technology also allows you to compare prices between different stores and ensure you get the best deal, as well as helping you to make sure you actually look good in the outfit.

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Efficient

Home Efficiency Hints for Homeowners

Today’s new homes are becoming just as concerned with energy efficiency as they are with design and comfort. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of building a new home today is that you can enjoy the trend of not only keeping up appearances… but also keeping down your power bill.

The great news about these new efficient homes is that they only take about 3.6% more of your budget to build… and that is a small price to pay for what you will save throughout the years on energy costs. (IN addition, you don’t need to have a new home to make your old home function just as efficiently.)

From insulation to efficient fittings, here are 5 home efficiency hints that you can help you to lower your power bill.


Home efficiency

Investing in an energy efficient home is investing in your future.

1. Ensure that your home is well insulated.

Insulation keeps warm air inside your home in winter and cool air inside your home in summer. There are a great many insulation options to choose from too depending upon your preferences. Some choices include wool, reflective oil, batts and loose filling.

If you are concerned about the environment, glass fibre batts are a great option for you because they are made up of 80% recycled material. To reduce even more heat build up in your home’s ceiling cavity, consider installing a whirly bird onto your roof.

2. Make sure that you have cross ventilation.

When it comes to ventilating your home, don’t open just one door or window. Your home will cool down much faster if you have not only an entry point but an exit point where air can criss-cross through.

This is best achieved by opening up windows and doors on opposite sides of your home. This allows the breeze to flow through freely. If you have a newer home, higher ceilings and wide entry halls, these also make for a better volume of space that air can circulate throughout your home.

3. Install efficient fittings.

Australia’s Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards plan makes it simple to compare the efficiency of different water products.

When choosing appliance, showerhead or toilets, look for fittings that have a great WELS rating.

4. Install ceiling fans.

The more ceiling fans that you have inside your home, the greater the air circulation in your home will be. This not only keeps your home cool, but it also keeps your central air conditioning unit from kicking on quite as often, thus, further lowering your energy bill.

5. Reduce your home’s exposure to the sun.

One of the easiest ways to keep heat from coming in from the western side of your house is to install an outside shade structure. If you are building a new home right now, this is a great option worth looking into.

Investing in an energy efficient home is investing in your future. With the money you save on your power bills, you can take your family for a once in a lifetime vacation… or just splurge on those new bikes. There is no price that you can put on building new memories.

Apple’s Hidden Job Ad – Accidentally found!

Apple's Hidden Job Ad

Accidentally, someone found Apple’s ‘hidden’ job ad.

Apple's Hidden Job Ad

Zack Whittaker, a cyber-security reporter, accidentally found the ad while he was looking at something pertaining to iPhone apps.

The job advertisement for an engineer was hidden among other ads on the company’s website.

The ad starts out with a cute intro telling the job applicant that he or she has successfully found the ad. The ad goes on to say that Apple wants to hire an engineer that can help to build a very important and needed infrastructure component.

However, the ad is no longer visible. Either it has found an even deeper hiding place or it has been completely removed from the website.

Zack Whittaker, a cyber-security reporter, accidentally found the ad while he was looking at something pertaining to iPhone apps. He was not looking for a new job. He says that it was linked to a URL that he was searching. The web address was “” That particular link now shows as an error message. The Apple series of servers is called Blobstore. The BBC contacted Apple about this matter.

Whittaker said he was glad that he accidentally found this job advertisement. He thought that Apple’s approach to announcing job availability was very innovative and interesting.

What qualifications did Apple’s ‘hidden’ job ad ask for? The job applicant has to have experience with modern server technology and distributed systems. Whittaker joked that Apple was not looking to hire him anytime soon.

Why was this job ad hidden? Is Apple the only company that uses this form of recruitment? Actually, companies have recruited applicants in this manner for a very long time. For instance, during WWII, code breaking company Bletchley used newspaper puzzles to recruit new employees.

Most recently, in 2015, British company Dyson created four challenges and put them in a YouTube video. In 2015, GCHQ used graffiti and quizzes to gain new employees.

Max Rosett, a former engineer with Google, wrote an article about how he found a hidden job while searching online. He wanted to make a job change and searched for different programming terms. During one particular search, a box came up in the search results that asked him if he was ready to take on a challenge. He had to solve a lot of online problems, but Google ended up hiring him in the end.

According to Professor Alan Woodward from Surrey University, an engineer has to know how to solve problems. This is especially important if you want to be a cyber-security specialist, and solving puzzles is a great skill to have.